lawn care-sprayingKeeping your lawn looking its best is no easy task. The skilled lawn and landscape professionals at Lawn Jox are trained and eager to do the job for you.

Lawn Jox offers a wide variety of services for all of your lawn care needs, including mowing, landscape maintenance and lawn care application. Our dedicated team of certified lawn care technicians understands what your turf needs to look great.

Weeds:  Lawn Jox will quickly take care of the tough weeds, including crabgrass, clover, fireweed, dallisgrass, yellow nutsedge and many more, by applying a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, and balanced fertilizer to help your grass grow into a healthy, thick bed of grass.

Insects:  If left unattended, insects will eat your grass, plants and some may try taking a bite out of you! We’ve got a concoction for all types of insects to keep your lawn full and green. The following are just a few of the creepy crawlers found in our area.

• Fire ants form colonies that like to hide in your grass in large mounds of soil. They are often hidden and easy to step on, which will cause the ants to bite, and then sting with toxic venom.
• Grubs hide in the soil just below the surface and munch on the roots of the grass, leaving dead spots for moles to nibble on and tear up your lawn in the process.
• Army worms like to show up and eat your lawn down to nothing, even overnight in some cases.
• Fleas and ticks can also flock to your yard. These pesky bugs will bite and they like pets, too!

Fungus and Disease:  Often misdiagnosed for drought or temperature damage, fungi and diseases can ruin your lawn. If left untreated, leaf spot and zoysia patch will destroy your turf.

Soil conditioning is crucial to having beautiful, lush, green grass. Hard compacted soil will not allow water and beneficial fertilizers and minerals to get in; instead they run off into waterways. Hard compacted soil needs to be aerated at least once per year to loosen the soil. Keeping check on soil pH and correcting it is part of the soil conditioning process.

Tick and Flea Control Program:  Three timely applications in the Spring, Late Spring and Fall, will control ticks and fleas.

Plug Core Aeration:  Using both walk-behind and tow-behind hollow tine aerators, 1 to 3-inch deep plugs of soil are pulled from the turf (plugs remain on the lawn and decompose in about four weeks). Core aeration will help reduce thatch buildup and relieve soil compaction, allowing grass to grow deeper roots and make better use of water and fertilizer. Over time, repeated aeration (recommended every Fall) will increase your lawn’s tolerance to stress from heat and drought. This will improve your lawn’s health and appearance.

Fertilization: Controlled-release fertilizers are carefully applied in the Spring, Summer and Fall to strengthen the root system and help fight against insects and diseases.

Preventative Grub Control:  This prevents grubs (the larvae stage of many types of beetles) from damaging your lawn later in the Summer and Fall. It is applied in late Spring or early Summer and may be done at the same time as your Summer fertilization.

Nutsedge Control:  This controls nutsedge that is present at the time of the application. The appearance of nutsedge resembles grass, though it is actually a sedge. The coarse, light green leaves grow faster and taller than the surrounding grass. Nutsedge grows vigorously in the Summer, especially under moist conditions; primarily troublesome in closely mowed lawns.

A healthy lawn doesn’t just happen after 1 time it takes services and friendly touch to each lawn to make sure you are getting a good program.

Lush, healthy lawns take work and a lot of time.
That’s why we have a the very best cutting-edge year-round supplement and fertilizer application strategy that’s designed for lawns like yours.
Here is a outline of our application plan.

Application (1) – A Pre and Post – Emerge weed control. This application controls summer weeds and kills winter annuals.

Application (2) – A Pre and Post – Emerge weed control. This application is similar to Application A but utilizes different chemical to control the maximum spectrum of weeds. (1 & 2 we use  a dye to ensure uniform coverage.)

Application (3) – A  balanced release  liquid fertilizer to encourage new growth as well as prepare lawn to grow and have dark green turf during the upcoming season. This application will utilize a Pre and Post – Emerge weed control as needed.

Application (4) – A balanced release  liquid fertilizer to encourage proper plant development and supply necessary nutrients for increased growth and turf density during dry summer conditions. Spot treatment as needed.

Application (5) – A balanced release  liquid fertilizer to encourage proper plant development and supply necessary nutrients for increased root growth to prepare turf for upcoming fall conditions. Spot treatment as needed.

Application (6) – A Fall Pre-Emerge weed control specifically designed to help keep (Poa Annua) and other broadleaf weeds from germinating in the spring. This is a very important treatment going into the new year.

Application (7) – A Pre Emerge weed control to help keep winter weeds and foreign grasses from germinating next spring. This application utilizes different chemicals to control the maximum spectrum of weeds.

Application (8) – Replenishes soil with much needed LIME to increase the PH robbed throughout the year. Winter weed control is applied and a few pesky weeds can only be killed during this application (I.e. – onions). We do take a soil sample.

Service Areas:
Olive Branch, Southaven, Hornlake, Hernando, Memphis, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Lakeland, Arlington, Germantown